‘TEA’ – Transparent Governance, Empowered Goa & Accountable Government – is Congress Party’s Vision for Goa.

‘TEA’ – Transparent Governance, Empowered Goa & Accountable Government – is Congress Party’s Vision for Goa.

Congress will obliterate BJP’s ‘Paralysis of Governance – Proliferation of Crimes’.

Overwhelming support and all round blessings of people of Goa has ensured that Congress Party will form the next government in Goa. A new ‘Paradigm of Development’ has been unveiled by the Congress Party for ‘Goans’, which can be best described as “WE SHINE” (Water & Electricity, Employment, Special Status, Health, Institutionalizing Mining Reforms, Natural Development of Goa as a Tourism Hub, Ensure Crime Free Goa).

Power to the People & Power for People’s Welfare
Next Congress government’s moto in Goa is ‘Power to the People’ & ‘Power for People’s Welfare’. With this view, Congress Party will ensure an unemployment allowance of Rs.5,000 per month to all families earning less than Rs.1 lakh per annum. Reduce minimum qualifications for lower skilled jobs to 8th standard. Free wifi at all Schools, Colleges, Universities and professional institutions, besides a 5 litres petrol pass for all students over the age of 18 years every month. The unique ‘2-3-7’ scheme will ensure wheat at Rs.2, Rice at Rs.3 and Sugar at Rs.7 for BPL families. Water & Electricity tariff has to be reduced to pre-2012 rates. Institutionalized mining reforms, creation of a permanent mining fund and consequent employment is the way forward. A comprehensive tourism policy with ordinary Goans becoming stakeholder in making Goa a tourism hub and a special Goa Tourist Force & Police will unleash Goa’s potential. Ensuring special status for Goa under Article 371 of the Constitution and preservation of Goan culture, heritage and flora & fauna (including coconut trees and buildings) is a goalpost that shall be translated in reality. Most importantly, Goa, the land of peace & prosperity, has to become drugs and crimes free.

Unemployment Galore, Inflation Soars
BJP’s employment track record has been dismal, both in 30 months of Modi government at the Centre and five years of BJP government in Goa. PM Modi promised 2 crore jobs a year and in 30 months has been able to generate only 1,35,000 jobs (Labour Bureau, Government of India). In Goa, promise of 50,000 jobs and unemployment allowance of Rs.4,000 per month has remained a mirage. Similarly, inflation has gone through the roofs with massive scams at the National level in import of dal (which sells at Rs.200 per kg) and now in import of wheat.

Shattered Promises – Broken Dreams
BJP government in Goa is a series of ‘U-turn’ & ‘Falsehood’. Prior to the year 2012, they promised abolition of VAT on petrol. Within months of coming to power, VAT has been reimposed. This is despite the fact that International price of crude oil has gone down from USD 118 per barrel in 2014 to and average of USD 50 over last 30 months. Complete inaction in the alleged 35,000 crore mining scam and not a single arrest having been made reflect complicity and falsehood. Be it the destruction of coconut trees by amending the Preservation of Trees Act or spurt of an organized mafia crime, drugs and prostitution; Goa under BJP is a story of shattered dreams.

Decimating Culture – Destroying Goa’s Heritage
Shri Manohar Parrikar and Shri Laxmikant Parsekar claim that grant of a special status under Article 371 of Constitution to protect Goans culture and heritage is an unachievable milestone. To top it, Union Surface Transport Minister, with the aid of Goa’s BJP leaders wants to nationalize all the six rivers. Simple plan is to dredge the rivers and industrialize them making millions of profit in the process, while decimating the natural eco system, bio diversity, flora & fauna, besides hitting at the livelihood and land of ordinary fishermen, who have thrived and survived on these rivers as means of livelihood for generations. Similar is the destruction of biodiversity and unpardonable pollution being caused by Adani Port Private Limited in Mormugao but complete inaction has marred the protests by local Goans.

Changing Colour – Shifting Stance
BJP, which came to power on the promise of eradicating corruption, has developed selective amenesia after coming to power. Person most guilty is none less than present Defence Minister, Shri Manohar Parrikar. Examples are manifolds, be it the case of Mouvin Gudinho, Pandurang Madkaikar or Ghanshaym Malwankar. Goans have not forgotten either the ‘Beach Cleaning Scam’ or the unique distinction of Power Minister, Millind Naik in usurping the power of SE, Electricity of Load Approval to himself.

None less than Mr. Manohar Parrikar has out done even PM Modi in making repeated ‘U-turns’, be it the case of sending out casinos from Mandovi River, medium of instructions in schools, punishing the corrupt who have become now BJP candidates, punishing the alleged guilty of the mining scam as per Shah Report and PAC Report, construction of Zuari and Chorao bridges, creation of employment or protection of Goan culture and identity.

All in all, five years of BJP government has been a story of –

‘False Promises’
‘Frivolous Intent’
‘Shifting Goal Posts’
‘Intolerant Out Posts’
Goans demand a change and change lies with Congress Party.

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