Democratic Dictatorship?

Democratic Dictatorship? – Hasiba Amin

I f you’ve travelled on Goan highways of late, you wouldn’t have missed the huge hoardings of a ‘ Kautilya survey’ claiming, in humongous font that, ‘ AAP winning Goa’. Obviously we Goans aren’t foolish to fall for this gimmick. For those of you who keep an interest on National politics, you must be aware that they have used the same propaganda strategy in all the election- bound states where they have contested. They did this before Delhi elections ( both the times), during Delhi University Students’ Union elections where they were contesting, they tried this trick in Uttar Pradesh during 2014 elections and now they are using the same bogus fooling technique in Punjab and Goa. None of their predictions have ever come true and it is really sad to see how AAP has such lack of creativity. It is rather insulting that they’d use a failed trick as this one on Goa.

After noticing this billboard almost every day while travelling to Margao, I decided to cross check the authenticity of the survey company being quoted.

Turns out, the company is as fake as them. When one searches ‘ Kautilya’ on google, you get flooded with links to newspapers that have reported this ‘ survey’. Even a little child can point out how fake their website is. They have not even put efforts into making it look original.

There are 6 poorly drafted blog posts on it. Any authentic survey would be accompanied with supporting data like how many people were surveyed, period of survey or demographic divide found in the survey. How come none of this is spoken of? It is funny how they have conducted a survey by themselves, of people from among themselves and are now spending money by themselves to display it across the state.

Interestingly, AAP might have spent a few lakhs ( if not crores) on the hoardings and the thousands flex’ displayed across Goa. The question that comes to one’s mind is – Why would a party that claims ‘ no corruption’ spend lakhs ( or crores) in displaying the ‘ results’ of a fake survey if they are so clean and where is this money coming from? AAP must be warned that they cannot get away with such stunts in a state like Goa. We are educated and aware and keep our eyes and minds open throughout.


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