The object of Indian National Congress is the well-being and advancement of the people of India and the establishment in India, by peaceful and constitutional means, of a Socialist State based on Parliamentary Democracy in which there is equality of opportunity and of political, economic and social rights and which aims at world peace and fellowship.


The Indian National Congress bears true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and to the principles of socialism, secularism and democracy and would uphold the sovereignty, unity and integrity of India.


The flag of the Indian National Congress shall consist of three horizontal colours: saffron, white and green with the picture of a Charkha in blue in the centre. It shall be made of certified Khadi.


The Indian National Congress will include the plenary and special sessions of the Congress and,

(i) The All India Congress Committee,
(ii) The Working Committee,
(iii) Pradesh Congress Committees,
(iv) District/City Congress Committees,
(v) Committees subordinate to the District Congress Committee like Block or Constituency Congress Committee and other subordinate Committee to be determined by the Pradesh Congress Committee concerned.

Note: In this Constitution wherever the word “Pradesh” occurs, it will include “Territorial”, the word “District” will include “City” as required by the context.

Rule Under Article III (iv) – Constituents – City Congress Committee :
The Pradesh Congress Committee with previous approval of the Working Committee will have the right to constitute City Congress Committee in the cities with population of over Five lakh. The City Congress Committee thus formed will have the status of a D.C.C.


(a) Pradesh Congress Committees shall ordinarily be constituted in the Pradeshes named below with the headquarters mentioned against each:

Pradesh & Headquarters

1. Andhra : Hyderabad
2. Arunachal : Itanagar
3. Assam : Guwahati
4. Bihar : Patna
5. Chhatishgarh : Raipur
6. Delhi : Delhi
7. Goa : Panaji
8. Gujarat : Ahmedabad
9. Haryana : Chandigarh
10. Himachal : Shimla
11. Jammu & Kashmir : Srinagar
12. Jharkhand : Ranchi
13. Karnataka : Bangalore
14. Kerala : Thiruvananthapuram
15. Madhya Pradesh : Bhopal
16. Maharashtra : Mumbai
17. Manipur : Imphal
18. Meghalaya : Shillong
19. Mizoram : Aizwal
20. Nagaland : Kohima
21. Orissa : Bhubaneshwar
22. Puducherry : Puducherry
23. Punjab : Chandigarh
24. Rajasthan : Jaipur
25. Sikkim : Gangtok
26. Tamil Nadu : Chennai
27. Tripura : Agartala
28. Uttarakhand : Dehradun
29. Uttar Pradesh : Lucknow
30. West Bengal : Kolkata

(b) Territorial Congress Committees shall be constituted in the territories named below with the headquarters mentioned against each:
Territory & Headquarters

1. Andaman-Nicobar Islands : Port Blair
2. Chandigarh : Chandigarh
3. Dadra-Nagar Haveli : Selvasa
4. Daman & Diu Moti : Daman
5. Lakshadweep : Kavaratti

(c) The Pradesh Congress Committee may, with the previous sanction of the Working Committee, change its headquarters.

(d) The Working Committee may, after ascertaining the wishes of the Pradesh Congress Committee or committees concerned, constitute a new Pradesh, abolish an existing Pradesh, merge any existing Pradeshes into one or assign to a Pradesh, a District or a portion or portions of a District from any other Pradesh.

(e) The Working Committee shall have the power to give representation in such manner as it thinks proper to areas in the Union of India as have not been included in the jurisdiction of any PCC and/or direct that such an area or part thereof be included in a neighbouring Pradesh.


(A) (a) (i) Any person of the age of 18 or over, who accepts Article I, shall, on making a written declaration in membership form and on payment of triennial subscription of Rs. 3.00 only become a member of Congress provided that he/she is not a member of any other political party, communal or other, which has a separate membership, constitution and programme;
(ii) No person shall be eligible to become a member except at his permanent place of residence or at a place where he carries on his business or work;

(iii) The term of membership, shall be from 1st of January of the year or from the date of enrolment of a member upto 31st of December of the following third year.

(iv) Permanent Register of members within their jurisdiction shall be maintained by every Block/Constituency and City/Town Congress Committee with copies to the District Congress Committee, as per prescribed rules;

(v) Renewal of membership will be deemed to have been completed by  depositing requisite membership fee.

(A) (b) (i) A person who has been a member for at least three years shall only be eligible to be elected as a delegate or an office bearer of any Congress Committee.

(ii) Any member who wants to become a delegate or an office bearer of any Congress Committee shall deposit an amount of Rs. 100/-

(A) (c) The triennial subscriptions paid and deposits made under the foregoing provisions of this clause by members shall be distributed in the following proportions between the variousCongress Committees :

AICC  : 10%
PCC   : 25%
DCC : 25%
Subordinate CCs : 40%

Note: 40% share of Membership subscriptions and deposits to be proportionately distributed amongst various Subordinate Congress
Committees below the DCC shall be determined by the Pradesh Congress Committee concerned.

(B) Every Member will have to fulfil the following conditions and make a declaration in Membership Form under his/her signature :

(a) He/She is the age of 18 and over;

(b) He/She is a habitual wearer of certified Khadi;

(c) He/She abstains from alcoholic drinks and intoxicant drugs;

(d) He/She neither believes in nor practices untouchability in any shape or form and undertakes to work for its removal;

(e) He/She believes in an integrated society without distinction of religion or caste;

(f) He/She undertakes to perform minimum tasks including manual labour as may be prescribed by the Working Committee;

(g) He/She does not own any property in excess of the ceiling laws applicable to him/her;

(h) He/She subscribes to and works for promoting the principles of secularism, socialism and democracy; does not, directly or indirectly, openly or otherwise, adversely criticise the accepted policies and programmes of the party, except through party forums;

(i) He/She shall subscribe to the periodicals approved
by AICC.


(1) Every Member shall undergo a minimum training as may be prescribed by the Working Committee.

(2) No Member shall be entitled to contest for the election to :

(i) All India Congress Committee,

(ii) Pradesh Congress Committee,

(iii) Executive of the District/City Congress Committee,

(iv) Parliament, the State Legislature,Metropolitan Councils or Local Bodies contested on party ticket;

Unless he undertakes to undergo a minimum training as may be prescribed by
the Working Committee.

(3) No person shall be selected for election on party ticket to Parliament, State Legislature and Local Bodies unless he is a Congress Member.


Membership may be renewed by filling up the membership Form.

Rule Under Article V – Membership forms :
1. The Pradesh Congress Committee shall print Membership forms. But the PCC Executive may authorise DCCs in writing to print membership forms. Any DCC, printing the membership forms without such authorisation,
shall be liable to disciplinary action.

2. Membership forms shall be serially numbered and in the case of those printed by DCCs they should bear the name of the District concerned as well. Full details of forms so printed shall be supplied by the DCCs to the PCC before they are issued to subordinate Congress Committees.

3. All membership forms should be bound in books of 25 forms each.

4. (a) The District Congress Committee shall be primarily responsible for the enrolment of members in the district. The PCC shall issue membership forms to the DCCs which in turn shall issue them to the subordinate Congress Committees and through them to individuals. Not more than 1250 membership forms shall be supplied to an individual at a time. However, in the case of MPs, MLAs, MLCs and AICC members and PCC Office-bearers, 2500 membership forms may be supplied to such individuals at a time. More membership forms shall be supplied to individuals only when full account of the forms already supplied is rendered and the fees realised thereof are paid.

(b) If there are complaints against the subordinate Congress Committees that they are not making available enough membership forms, the DCC may issue them to individuals and may, if it deems fit, take disciplinary action against the committees concerned. If there are complaints that the DCCs are not issuing forms properly, the PCC shall directly issue forms to committees and individuals and may also take disciplinary action against the DCCs concerned.

(c) Forms for enrolment of members shall in no case be issued to individuals who are not members of the Congress.

5. (a) When membership forms are issued to individuals or Committees, a signed acknowledgement shall be obtained in all cases and an undertaking to return the unused forms with proper accounts, whenever called upon to do so, should be obtained.

(b) When unused membership forms are returned by individuals or Committees a signed acknowledgement shall be issued. In the event of any individual failing to return the unused forms and/or accounts in time he shall be disqualified from contesting the organisational elections.

6. (a) The PCC shall maintain register for the issue of membership forms showing the number of forms issued to each Committee or individual with their serial numbers and dates of issue and return of unused forms.

(b) The DCCs and the subordinate Congress Committees should also maintain similar registers.

(c) In order to give the Party a well informed and ideologically oriented cadre, the Congressmen at all levels shall participate in the study programme laid down by the Working Committee for Members.

7. (a) No person shall be enrolled as a member by any Committee or individual unless he pays the full subscription and also fulfils the conditions laid down in Article V (B) of the constitution.

8. (a) The PCCs shall send to the AICC report of members enrolled during the year giving details of Membership figures within two months of the last date of enrolment for the corresponding year. Along with this report, the PCC shall also send the full quota of membership fees and Congress Fund due to the AICC as well as a list of Members with full particulars.

(b) Any Pradesh Congress Committee or its subordinate Committee which fails to comply with these rules shall be liable to disciplinary action.

9. Membership forms printed or issued for one District shall in no case be used in another District without obtaining the prior approval of the PCC concerned.

10. Area of enrolment of Members shall be confined to the Pradesh concerned.

Rule Under Article V(A)(a)(iv): Permanent Register for Members:

Permanent Register of Members within their jurisdiction shall be maintained by every Block/Constituency and City/Town Congress Committee. Copy of the Permanent Register shall be sent to the DCC. The register shall contain the following particulars in respect of each member :

(i) Serial Number
(ii) Name
(iii) Male/Female
(iv) SC/ST/OBC/Minority
(v) Father’s or Husband’s Name
(vi) Permanent Address
(vii) Present Address
(viii) Age
(ix) Occupation
(x) Date of enrolment
(xi) Sl. No. and Name of Primary Unit
(xii) Form No.
(xiii) Date of Renewal of Membership
(xiv) Term of Membership
(xv) Date of deposit of Membership form
(xvi) Remarks

Rule Under Article V(A)(a)(v) – Renewal of Membership :

Renewal of membership of a person will be deemed to have been completed by depositing triennial subscription of Rs. 3/- as membership fee. The deposit of fee shall be entered in the permanent register in the column specified for this purpose against the name of each member. The member depositing the fee shall be given a separate receipt of payment. Such receipt books shall be printed and supplied by the PCC.

Rule Under Article V (B) – Membership:

1. The following shall be the minimum tasks for Members under Article V(B)(f) of the Constitution:

(a) Enrolment of members;

(b) Collection of Congress Fund;

(c) Minimum one week’s manual labour every year which may include Padyatras, construction of approach roads, digging of canals, tree plantation, cleaning of slums, village sanitation etc.;

(d) Training Progammes of political and ideological study as directed by the Working Committee from time to time shall be applicable to Members, Office bearers of the organisational Committees and Party legislators. Failure to participate in the programmes so laid down may attract disqualification for holding office in the organisation;

(e) Enrolment of subscriber to Congress periodicals published by any Congress Committee or any periodical recognised by the Pradesh Congress Committee

(f) Work in the field of social reforms, such as work against dowry system, child marriage, and work for family planning etc.;

(g) Members should usually use Swadeshi goods or articles;

(h) Members shall promote one or more of the following constructive activities:

(i) Education

(ii) Prohibition

(iii) Khadi and Village Industry

(iv) Organisation of Youth and Students

(v) Organisation of Labour

(vi) Organisation of Kisans

(vii) Small Savings Campaign

(viii) Village sanitation, health and hygiene

(ix) Rashtrabhasha Prachar

(x) Promotion of Co-operatives

(xi) Work in the Constituencies

(xii) Seva Dal

(xiii) Leprosy work

(xiv) Welfare of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes

(xv) Removal of untouchability

(xvi) Work for National Integration – work specially among minorities

(xvii) Adult education and library movement

(xviii) Sale of Party Literature

(xix) Any special programme as may be laid down by the Working Committee from time to time.

Rule Under Article V (B) (i) – Subscription to Party Periodical for Membership:

Every Member shall pay as subscription to the periodical approved by the AICC, i.e. “CONGRESS SANDESH”. The subscription amount shall have to be deposited along with his/her enrolment/renewal form.

However, such of those persons who desire to become Members but can not afford to pay subscription for “CONGRESS SANDESH” along with his/her enrolment fee are permitted to pay the same within one year after their enrolment as Members. However, for the Members who get elected to any of the Committees, it shall be mandatory to enrol themselves as subscribers of the Congress Periodical i.e. “CONGRESS SANDESH”. In the case of elected representatives like MPs, MLAs, MLCs, Panchayat Raj Members and all party functionaries at Block level and above subscribing to “CONGRESS SANDESH” is compulsory.

In cases where there are more than one Member in a family they will be granted exemption from subscribing to the “CONGRESS SANDESH” by each of the members in a family, any one Member of the same family shall subscribe to the “CONGRESS SANDESH”. In such cases the BCC/ DCC President is authorised to grant exemption for the rest of the members from paying this subscription.

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