Congress resurgence has rattled BJP, Desperate BJP opening its Bag of Dirty Tricks: Luizinho

GPCC President Luizinho Faleiro wishes Goans a Special Republic Day in the Golden Jubilee Year of Opinion Polls, warns Electorate at attempts to divide them

GPCC President Luizinho Faleiro calls out BJP for resorting to fragmenting Goan votes fearing a Congress Resurrection

Congress accuses BJP of backing birth of multiple parties, money muscle and last minute ‘developments’ to ensure its’ bid of coming back to power

Margao: Goa Pradesh Congress Committee President Luizinho Faleiro has exposed the desperate and dirty bid of BJP to cling on to power in the Goa Assembly Elections 2017 slated ten days from today (January 26th, 2017).

  1. The flurry of their so called ‘Star Campaigners’ rushing to every nook and corner of Goa where development failed to reach in the past five years
  2. The desperate import of questionable politicians from other parties ignoring BJP’s own revolting party cadres has proved beyond doubt that…

BJP is desperate party facing crushing defeat from a quietly resurgent Congress

GPCC President draws the attention of the Goan Electorate of the BJP’s desperate attempts at dividing Goan electorate in a desperate bid to retain power.

  1. The unprecedented number of new ‘regional’ political parties that seem to have risen out of nowhere in this election and these parties desperate bid to forge alliances has never been seen in the past. All this has been cooking only a few months in the run-up to the elections to divide secular votes that choose Congress.
  2. State BJP’s calculative silence on the rising number of political outfits and the bonhomie between these fly-by-night political parties and BJP where they don’t criticize and even speak a word about each other.
  3. The flurry of developmental and maintenance activities ranging from road repairs in Navelim to State Highway widening in Cortalim to building of a new Playground in Dabolim all hidden from the Election Commission are pointers a very desperate bid to catch people’s imagination

Congress wants to warn the people of Goa against attempts to divide their votes just as anti-Goan political parties had tried to divide their votes in the Opinion Poll fifty years ago. BJP along with all these parties want another 5 years of loot and plunder.

As Congress’ Navelim candidate Luizinho Faleiro had the following observations to make

  1. The response of old timers in particular and electorate in general has been emotional and overwhelming as I walked my constituency after ten years
  2. The roads we built, the parks and open spaces that we acquired and developed ten years ago have been ignored and abandoned as people begged for their maintenance
  3. Both Power and Water Supply have become erratic and unreliable as the local MLA focuses on non-priority developments.
  4. Politically, it interesting to see the amount of money being pumped into Navelim by BJP backed Independent and Goa Forward to take the attention of Navelim electorate away from the constituency’s core needs of power, water, waste management and maintenance of utilities. The fight is between fooling people by these two candidates and empowering and enabling them by Congress.

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