Efforts On to cut Goas solar power target

A Govt with a vision would decide to use abandoned mining areas to create Solar farms. We need to create a policy that will make Goa Energy surplus by 2030. Only the Congress Govt in Goa would dare to have such a vision. This will create a whole new breed of engineers and will create

Western bypass issue

  After multiple memorandums and protests, the Government is ignoring the demands of the locals to construct the Margao Western Bypass on Stilts to protect the paddy fields and prevent flooding.

Finalisation Of Tourism Master Plan

#ToursimMasterPlan of #Goa is a sham. The BJP Govt wants to conduct a consultation with the stakeholders and has issued a pressnote for announcement of the same with just two days prior notice. How do they expect stakeholders like hotel owners, panchayats and other business and self employed stakeholders of tourism to attend this meeting

Hey Prabhu! Now, Pay 20% more for Humsafar trains

Hey Prabhu! Now, Pay 20% more for Humsafar trains

Any example of #BJPUturn and Anti Poor policies. They don’t realise that by increasing the AC class fares, most people will choose non AC sleeper and thus increase the demand. This cascading effect will have a detrimental effect of the poor who travel across India for work. #Oheraldo (page 1)

Road to BRICS?

Since the funds for BRICS are coming from the Center, the shoddy works worth Crores is a loss to the Goan Exchequer and also the all of India.We condemn this poor works that are being carried out and the Crores of taxpayers money that is being syphoned off #OHeraldo (page 2)

GSPCB has no say over location of mobile towers

GSPCB has no say over location of mobile towers

JOAO SOUSA M | NT Board doesn’t monitor radiation from towers The Goa State Pollution Control Board has said that it has no say over the location of mobile towers and it is the telecom companies which decide the particular matter. Moreover, the GSPCB is not equipped to monitor radiation from the towers especially in